"A powerhouse of knowledge with great experience and energy!" -Ruk Neelam, Nationwide

Amy combines her hard-won insights and global perspective with a lively and engaging manner.

Equally effective with your students as with your senior leadership, teams come away from her sessions more informed, more energetic, and more committed to making your strategy successful.

Real-life experience

"Amy’s deep experience in global business strategy at Fortune 500 companies informs her engaging and thought–provoking presentations and writing. Lively examples and humor are skillfully integrated in her seminars, and participants come away with fresh insights and with specific action plans to achieve targeted business goals.
~ Kathryn Welds, Chief of Staff, HP

"Amy’s understanding of international markets and the bigger picture are critical in our competitive battles and her efforts for the Middle East and Africa regions are praised at all levels. Additionally, her work delivering training, and her work with the Value–Selling team, are very valuable to the program."
~ Cory Ellsworth, Senior Director, Sales Operations, Cisco Systems

"Your book (The China Factor) touches on many aspects that are really true and well-described...tools and advice to help individuals and corporations to win the battles they will face in the future."
~ Audrey, Editor, Business Tianjin Magazine, China 

A lasting positive impact on your organization

"Amy’s expertise in competitive intelligence programs was a valuable asset in the creation of our strategy. She was able to quickly assemble the program structure, assess critical success factors, and establish rollout priorities. We refer back to the created framework constantly – it has been our go–to roadmap as well as a critical communication vehicle for rollout status."
~ Karen Jaworski, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Evault, A Seagate Company

"Amy was able to quickly and instinctively assess the unique strategic value of a product we were looking to invest in. Her strong sense for competitive differentiation and knowledge of the cloud industry guided us in making shrewd business decisions, which were later validated by other investors."
~ Adil Khan, Venture Capitalist

A lively, engaging style

"I've never had a better instructor for training here at Apple. She was engaging, knowledgeable, and succeeded in getting the entire class to contribute. She was better than most instructors I had in business school.

~ Brandon B..., Apple

"Amy had some great ways of explaining and demonstrating a concept by asking questions (why, why, why, why, why) on the SUN Microsystems case study, particularly the underlying geo-political and historical elements in a distributed workforce."

~ Mike Vondran, Apple 

"BEST INSTRUCTOR SO FAR! Amy was great at getting us engaged, she literally led by example to get the team interested and active in the discussions and activities. Really enjoyed this course with her!"
~ Teresa Smythia, Apple

"Amy was an outstanding instructor. She made the material relatable to our everyday personal and professional lives. She knew when we needed a morale boost and was a very effective instructor."
~ Alicia Faustyn, Apple

"By FAR the best instructor in the Stanford program. She was really engaging, full of life, fun. Really top-notch!"
~ Darrin Craig, Apple

"Amy was so real and engaging. She encouraged healthy discussions that allowed the class to see real-life examples. I also like that she didn't simply read the slides and booklet the whole time. She added her own flair and experiences to convey the content."
~ Bank of Canada

"Best teacher I've had in this program!"
~ Jane Starner, AVP, Nationwide

"Amy was fantastic. Highly engaging and entertaining. She kept the class interested and created a great environment for learning. All the Stanford instructors have been great - Amy is the best."
~ Dee Hines, Infrastructure Engineering, Nationwide

"She is a powerhouse of knowledge with great experience and energy!!! Her charming nature makes the learning environment most interactive, interesting and enhances engagement!"

~ Ruk Neelam, Agency Solutions, Nationwide

"Amy was a fantastic instructor. Great energy, really excellent stories from "real life" to relate to the concepts and kept the class very engaged. One of my best learning experiences."
~ Kinaxis

"Amy was very knowledgeable, engaging and enthusiastic. She definitely made the course useful and encouraged dialogue and discussion throughout. I would register again if she was instructing another course."
~ Global Affairs Canada

"Lots of real stories and examples and a humorous, relaxed delivery made it very enjoyable as well as educational."
~ Cisco UK

"She has a great sense of humor that makes the session engaging. Her facilitation skill is excellent."
~Cisco UK

"I think we were quite a challenging group to wrangle through the material, but Amy managed the class in a masterful way. She was accommodating where possible, cajoling when appropriate and simply taking charge when necessary."
~ Barry Serpa, IT Project Management, Delivery Services, Nationwide

"Very engaging and humorous. Never fazed by difficult questions. Not afraid of being challenged. Great attitude."
~ Jennifer S. Hall, Internet Business Consultant, Direct Growth Solutions, Nationwide

"Your talk was the best among the MBA classes. Your careful preparation and delivery made the students very engaged. Your presentation format works really well for the class."  ~ Subin Im, Ph.D, Marketing Professor, San Francisco State University

"Amy is a wonderful instructor, has amazing energy and a dynamic personality. She keeps everyone in the class so engaged. What I loved also is the real examples she comes up with to explain the concepts and terms."
~ Alka Gupta, Cisco

"Amy used excellent teaching techniques to keep us engaged and to help us learn all the concepts. She is indeed a great instructor. Besides being fun, she is very smart and I know we all learned so much from her."
~ Raquel Candelaria, Cisco

"I've enjoyed working with Amy and particularly enjoyed her positive attitude, drive and more importantly, her ability to challenge the norm and think out of the box. Her energy is contagious."
~ Daniel Dutrisac, Cisco

"She really made the material exciting and owned the classroom! Everyone at my table loved her and as a result, the course."
~ Cisco

"Really a nice and smart person. She made the class engaging and interesting!" ~ Capital One