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A Sample of Published Articles:

Opinion | Wake Up And Smell The Tea Leaves: Advice For Canada

Entrepreneur Magazine: 3 Reasons Trump May Be Softening His Protectionist Stance And How This Helps Startups, 

Forbes The China Factor: The One Thing Hillary And Trump Have In Common”, 

Article: The Hill Times – “Business Before Politics: Why Canada Needs A National Business Plan For China”, Mar 2017

Business Tianjin, China “Chinese Companies In The Global Economy”

Getting to China: The power of partnerships | EDC

Getting To China: The Steps To Building The Right Strategy Aug 2018 


5 Steps To Taking On Your International Competition  

3 Tips For Canadian Companies Selling In China Feb 2018

Progressive Internationalism: Canada’s Trade Future on Trade Diversification

 4 Reasons Skilled Executives Boost Global Competitive Advantage 

EDC EBOOK - Global Competitive Advantage: Strengthen Your Skilled Talent 

FITT Article: 3 Ways Your Company Can Combat Powerful Political And Competitive Challenges With China  




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2. Article: Opinion | Wake Up And Smell The Tea Leaves: Advice For Canada, Jan 2018

3. Panelist on Sixth Estate Before the Bell: Progressive Internationalism: Canada’s Trade Future - headliner, Minister of International Trade, Jan 2018

4. Entrepreneur Magazine Article: 3 Reasons Trump May Be Softening His Protectionist Stance and How This Helps Startups, Mar 2017

5. Article: Forbes “The China Factor: What Hillary and Trump Have In Common”, June 2016 6. TEDx Talk: The Key to Global Economic Success, Mar 2017

7. Article: The Hill Times – “Business before politics: Why Canada needs a national business plan for China”, Mar 2017

8. Business Tianjin, China “Chinese Companies in the Global Economy” Sept 2016

9. Interview: Yahoo Finance interviews Amy Karam on Trump, China “3 major problems with Trump's protectionist attitude toward China”, Feb 2017

10. CTV News Interview w Ben Mulroney: Self-sufficient China? What the plan means for global trade, March 2017

11. Google Talk: The China Factor, July 2016

12. Presentation to China Roundtable, Dept. of Finance Govt. of Canada "Beijing's drive to innovate and its implications for Canada" Dec7, 2018

13. Presenter at FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) Your Future in Global Markets Conference “Competitive Success Factors in Expanding to China”, Oct 2017

14. Presenter at Source Direct Exporters Conference on partnering with China. July 2017 15. Created and presented courses on developing a China cultural IQ “Bridging the Knowledge Gap on business with China” 2016-2018

16. CBC Radio interview, Jan 2019

17. Global News Interview Feb 2019

18. Toronto Star Op-ed: West ignored Huawei for years, but can now learn from i