The Mindset of an SME Exporter


Influence exporters’ actions for better outcomes.

Ideal for Consultants, Advisors

1 day course


Evolve your approach when advising exporters they seek success in new markets.

Your role is to motivate and advise exporters on how to diversify their markets and build their businesses. But they may not act on your advice if you don’t fully understand their needs or speak their language. 

They think differently and so do you. Gain an understanding of their mindset - how an entrepreneur thinks, what are their concerns and learn how to 'speak their language' using tools that will mobilize SME exporters into the right direction of success. Influence exporters’ actions for better outcomes.

This course will give you insights into the unique needs and thought processes of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are considering foreign market expansion, and introduce you to the full scope of decisions exporters face when exploring new opportunities. You’ll learn about a market evaluation and assessment tool that appeals to SME decision-makers and helps move them from an interest phase through to discovery, validation, strategy, and execution. 

How You Will Benefit

  • Provide more effective advice to exporters through detailed insights into their needs and thought processes
  • Learn how to mobilize your clients to act on exporting by speaking their language and using tools that align with their mindset
  • Motivate more SMEs to export beyond their comfort zone

Who Should Attend

● Export advisors and consultants


"Good energy, presence, delivery. Overall great presentation skills. Reads the people well, when to slow down and when to speed up. Great stories in making association with personal events and topics." 

~ Kinaxis