Market Validation Workshop


Discovery & Market Validation

Bridge the gap between knowledge and action

1 day

Evaluate whether you have the right strategy to succeed in a new market – before you commit to expanding there.

Expanding your business into new or emerging markets can be exciting and profitable. But do you know if you have the right strategy to succeed? Market conditions, competitive dynamics, and customer expectations can all vary dramatically from one market to the other, and poor preparation can lead to poor results. This workshop will help you assess whether your business is really ready to enter a new market, or whether you’ve still got work to do in your export journey.


A low-commitment exploration of a new market that caters to the mindset of entrepreneurs in their export journey.

We can help you assess whether you're ready to successfully enter a new market - or whether you've still got work to do. 

You'll get a quick snapshot to validate how you would position your product in this market while considering competitive and customer dynamics.

How You Will Benefit:

  • Learn how to evaluate your 5 primary strategy components before deciding to expand into a new market
  • Minimize risk and maximize your chances of success by anticipating local market dynamics 
  • Validate that you can adapt your  product positioning strategy and move to the next stage of export planning & execution. 
  • Ensure that you can expand into a particular market and succeed before committing.

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs within Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Market strategists at multinational corporations (MNCs)


"Very engaging, humorous. Never phased by difficult questions. Not afraid of being challenged. Great attitude."

~ Jennifer S. Hall, Internet Business Consultant, Direct Growth Solutions, Nationwide

"Amy was able to quickly and instinctively assess the unique strategic value of a product we were looking to invest in. Her strong sense for competitive differentiation and knowledge of the cloud industry guided us in making shrewd business decisions, which were later validated by other investors."

~ Adil Khan, Venture Capitalist

"Amy has a strong capacity to not only listen, but also to ask great questions that enable her to directly tap into the real issues at play in even the most complex business situations. She has a strong ability to bridge complex business research with sound practicality – melding the best from both perspectives."

~ Ariff Kachra, Ph.D., Professor of Strategy, Pepperdine University