Cultural IQ for Business Impact


Develop your Cultural IQ & Impact your ROI

Length: 1 day or 2 days

Course Description:

The world is getting larger and smaller at the same time. Companies are sourcing talent from all over the world and expanding their operations into different countries more than ever. Different cultures bring a variety of practices and behaviors into the workplace, and customers in some other countries have different expectations and norms than you are accustomed to. 

Whether your stakeholder/customer is internal or external, a lack of knowledge of different cultural nuances can result in misunderstandings, miscommunication and disappointing results if mutual understanding is not in place. 

The challenge of remote, distributed teams who feel disconnected from corporate HQ and the larger, cohesive team adds yet another dimension of complexity to ensuring productivity and satisfaction. 

Having dissatisfied employees is not only bad for morale, it is not good for business and ultimately the bottom line. This impacts an organization’s efficiency in getting things done, results in missed deadlines, and oftentimes it negatively impacts sales. 

Selling to customers in different countries, requires one to understand and adapt to local customer expectations and norms. For example, emerging markets customers often place a higher value on relationship-building before quickly buying a superior product solution and the sales lifecycle will likely be longer. 

Sales teams in regional offices may also be challenged by the disconnect between local business norms (how business ‘gets done’) that may be inconsistent with American corporate HQ practices. 

Benefits & Outcomes:

• Gain a better understanding of different cultural norms and practices.

• Learn how to adapt your interpretation and expectations of others’ behaviors.

• Work better together as a global team.

• Discover how to manage global, remote, distributed teams and maximize contributions.

• Optimize productivity by cross-pollinating best practices from different cultures.

• Achieve a more content workforce through inclusiveness and understanding. 

• Increase global competitiveness and grow your ‘innovation advantage’. 

• Sell with greater success in more countries. 

Who Should Attend:

Professionals in sales, marketing, business development, strategy planning, operations, engineering and other corporate functions.