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"Never had a better instructor for training here at Apple. She was engaging, knowledgeable, and succeeded in getting the entire class to contribute. Better than most instructors I had in business school."


Brandon, Apple Inc

Global Challenges & the Need for Change

Being 'Global' is NOT Optional


Going global (exporting), being global,  and knowing about globalization is a necessity to survive and thrive today. 

One nation or market no longer dominates decisions and direction. 

Geopolitics and trade are intersecting like never before.   

Power Shift = Knowledge Shift

The rapid growth and influence of emerging markets means the way business & innovation is done is changing. The West no longer rules. 

Emerging markets are no longer just an export destination but they are showing Western companies that there are new ways to innovate and meet customer needs.  

Emerging Competitors, New Game

Competition is greater than ever before. 

New players, especially those from China, play by different rules that can put you at a disadvantage or catch you off-guard. 

Leaders need a new playbook to be more competitive globally. 

How You Need to Respond

Export. Now.


Status quo doesn’t cut it. 

If you are standing still you are falling behind. 

Diversify your markets. 

Be smarter and move more quickly with the market. 

Develop your Cultural IQ and enhance your ROI. 

Change Your Mindset and Win


Adapt to the new competitive dynamics and to the needs and expectations of customers in emerging markets.

Apply a new strategic framework to your global sales & marketing approach. 

Learn a New Approach to Innovate

Be innovative in how you do business abroad in China and other markets. 

Business leaders need a deeper understanding of how the West and the East intersect and compete.  Adapt to  global trade dynamics by 

Adopting new models and practices  from the East. 

Our Courses and Workshops to Help You Win



Develop your Cultural IQ & Impact your ROI

Length: 1 day  

Companies are sourcing talent from all over the world and different cultures bring a variety of practices and behaviors into the workplace. 

Selling to customers in different countries requires one to understand and adapt to local customer expectations and norms. 



Learn, Adapt & Adopt New Ways to Succeed

Length: 1 day

Learn how China does business + Adopt new strategies  to change your game for success. 

As a Western-based company, you realize that your usual way of doing business is not optimal in  dealing with China or with other emerging markets.  You need to Adapt  and you need to Adopt new business practices. 



Change your Sales Mindset, Compete & Win 

Workshop Length:  2 days

Old approaches won't work in new markets. Competition isn't just more intense as ever before, it's different as well (especially from emerging markets). 

In this workshop, apply our 5Ps of Global Marketing Strategy FrameworkTM to change your game and mindset for success in new markets and as you compete with emerging markets competitors.



Become Innovative at Innovation

Workshop Length: 1 day

Innovation isn't just about new products anymore. Fast followers in emerging markets, especially from China, are innovating in different ways - and quickly. 

Our course teaches you how to integrate new innovation models from both East and West so that you can stay ahead on the innovation curve and protect your innovation advantage. 



Ideal for Startups and/or Technical experts

Workshop Length: Variable

You are good at creating innovative products and need more business skills. You may be at a start-up, incubator, accelerator, or just want to develop a different skills-set of your employees. 

Gain best practices from 15 years of Silicon Valley experience and customize a program.



Build and manage a complex, virtual team and execute on a large mandate.

Length: 1 day


Mandates are becoming larger and resourcing is lessening. 

Matrix organizations dominate. 

How do you recruit and motivate non-reporting employees and achieve success?

Learn how to influence without having direct authority. 

How we enable your progress through each stage of the Exporter's Journey.

We mobilize your progress through each Exporting stage

Amy Karam: Global Strategy & Innovation Expert


Business, politics and innovation are intertwined as never before. 

As a speaker, consultant and corporate instructor Amy Karam  equips companies and governments with insights and strategies to successfully navigate challenging global dynamics and new kinds of competition.  


Global Expertise - West to East


Bridging Silicon Valley and the World

Amy’s expertise extends from Silicon Valley to emerging markets on four continents - Asia, LATAM, EU, NA.

  • 15 years in Silicon Valley
  • Author, The China Factor (Wiley)
  • Fellow @ Cdn Global Affairs Institute. 
  • Worked w 50+ countries 
  • Sales & Management training of 1000s of professionals worldwide
  • Emerging Markets expertise
  • China expertise
  • Graduate of Innovation for Economic Development program at the Harvard Kennedy School

World-leading Organizations


Redefining "Innovation" and how to be competitive in emerging markets.

Amy has redefined innovation and improved competitiveness for small startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 companies.

Her experience includes holding senior-level positions and engagements at:

  • Apple, Cisco, Visa, SAP, Ciena, CapitalOne, Nationwide, AT&T, Bell Cda, Kinaxis, Seagate
  • The World Bank
  • Global Affairs Canada
  • The central Bank of Canada
  • Export Development Bank name a few.

World-class Professional Education


Developing a "Global" winning strategy using best practices from across the globe.

Amy brings the next generation of competitive strategies to the next generation of global business leaders.

Professional education instructor at 

  • Stanford 
  • Duke University
  • San Jose U  Int'l Studies

Professor in the business faculties of Carleton and Ottawa universities. 

With a fun and engaging style, Amy drives home the principles your team needs to learn and the actions they must take. 

The China Factor Book

Change Your Game and Win!


Leveraging Emerging Business Strategies to Compete Grow and Win in the New Global Economy (published by Wiley)

Become Innovative in How You Do Business
Become Innovative at Innovation  

The economic rise of China and other new entrants is challenging Western companies in new ways. The China Factor (Wiley) explains why, and provides actionable strategies for success in any market. Based on real-world examples from more than 50 countries, Amy’s book will teach you how to:

● Grow and maintain an Innovation Advantage using 5 models

● Learn from disruptors how to to win customers in emerging markets

● Understand the new role of politics in global business 

● Develop a deeper Cultural IQ to expand your customer base

● Use a 5-part Strategic Framework to formulate new sales tactics

  See endorsements from Silicon Valley Bank, Harvard, Forbes, Asia Society...

  See endorsements from Silicon Valley Bank, Harvard, Forbes, Asia Society...





Whether you’re running a startup, SME or a multinational corporation, we can shift your marketing and sales mindset to win in the new global economy, where new competitors and new types of competition are rewriting the rules.

Government Trade Organizations


If you’re advising companies on expanding abroad or preparing a delegation for an upcoming trade mission, we can help you assess the opportunities and give you a framework for success.

Trade Associations


Your members need to stay up-to-date on new global business dynamics to stay competitive and win. We can educate them on the business culture and practices in China and emerging markets, where familiar rules don’t apply.



Keep your curriculum current to give your students the best chance of success. We base our courses on real-world scenarios to challenge your students’ abilities and impart them with the skills they will need outside the classroom.



We show you how you can export and innovate with greater impact and boost your competitive advantage to stay ahead in mature and emerging markets alike. 



Competitors in China and other emerging markets are changing the very nature of innovation. We show you how their models and approaches are winning new customers so you can change the way you innovate your products.

How You Benefit - The Results

Increase Competitive Advantage


Shift into a more competitive mindset and learn how to adapt your marketing and sales strategies to the opportunities.

Gain an Innovation Advantage


Learn how cross-pollinating business practices and new innovation models from East to West opens new opportunities for growth. 

Boost Your Bottom Line


Win more customers in new markets and protect your margins to build on or expand your position.  Cultural IQ = ROI



What Clients Say...


"Personal experience and stories shared with great enthusiasm. Authenticity & style. Time flew by because the entire class was encouraged to participate." - US Senate

"Amy's understanding of international markets and the "bigger picture" are critical to the company's battle against [competitor x]. Her efforts for the Middle East and Africa regions are praised at all levels. Additionally, her work delivering training, and her work with the Value-Selling team, were very valuable to the program."  -Cory E., Snr. Director Sales Operations, Cisco

"She is a power house of knowledge with great experience & energy!!! Her charming nature makes the learning environment most interactive, interesting and enhances engagement!"
- Ruk Neelam, Nationwide

TEDx Speaker

The Key to Global Economic Growth - Amy Karam TEDx

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