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Amy Karam is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the Global Business Innovation Academy, a global competitive strategy consultant, and a TEDx and keynote speaker on innovation and global trade, She has delivered courses and workshops worldwide to thousands of business professionals, with an engaging, storytelling style that results in effective learning. Amy is focused on facilitating a change in mindset and approach as organizations navigate the shift in global business dynamics and develop their cultural IQ in managing people, processes and sales.

She has worked with companies such as Apple, Cisco, CapitalOne, Visa, Nationwide, Kaiser Permanente, Govt of Canada, the US Senate and many others.


Amy's expertise and passion for International Business spans the globe. She works with business and government leaders to clarify their vision, communicate their direction and secure their commitment as they create innovative solutions to complex challenges.

For more than 15 years Amy lived and worked in Silicon Valley, where she honed her business acumen and political savvy leading a CEO–sponsored, global competitive and sales program in which she addressed $750M - $1B annually in complex, strategic deals across more than 50 countries. Amy captured the lessons learned from this experience in her book, The China Factor (Wiley) , in order to help other Western-based companies address the China challenge.

Dealing with new kinds of competitors from China led her to understand that organizations in the West need to change the way they do business across many dimensions. This experience, as well as others, compelled Amy to share these learnings with companies as they navigate the challenging realities of the new global economy.

Amy believes that the new order of business, innovation and expansion runs on cross-pollination of knowledge and business models around the globe. As a corporate instructor for Stanford and Duke universities, and others, and through her own courses, she extends the reach of her own knowledge into the international business community.

Amy uses an authentic, open–dialogue approach infused with candor and humor. She creates an inclusive and engaged environment that challenges participants to explore their potential and maximize their performance through a collaborative process. 

She received her International MBA from the University of Ottawa, has completed the Innovation for Economic Development Program at the Harvard Kennedy School, and is a Fellow at The Canadian Global Affairs Institute. Amy is the author of The China Factor (Wiley) and has been published in Forbes and Entrepreneur, and has been interviewed by GoogleTalk, YahooFinance News, and CTV News, among others. 




The worlds of globalization, ‘inter-nation-alization’ and innovation are colliding and combining with growth at accelerated and unprecedented rates. The rise of emerging markets offers a new source for revenues but also a new source of competitors. 

These new players  - like those from China - do business differently and are influencing and redefining how business is done worldwide. 

This means we all need to get smarter, faster and learn more about other business practices so we can grow, stay ahead and constantly recreate our companies beyond bleeding edge. 

Silicon Valley has been the revered source for innovation and entrepreneurship – setting the bar high globally and creating the example for Start-ups worldwide. 

People flock from all over the world to learn HOW Silicon Valley innovates? What motivates entrepreneurs and innovators in this global business and innovation hub? What is the secret to success? China is also growing into an innovation hub.

It is important for ‘the best’ to work at ‘being better’ in order to stay ahead. This is achieved by learning of other innovation models and business practices from other countries as they grow. 

The intention of the Global Business and Innovation Academy is to foster that cross-pollination of knowledge from West to East, and East to West (North and South).



The mission of the GBI Academy is to share best practices of entrepreneurs and innovators with the next generation of business leaders worldwide through a structured educational format. 

The Academy is designed to encourage multi-dimensional collaboration between innovators and entrepreneurs.

The intention is to foster and stimulate innovation as well as successful commercialization by providing a foundation of business practices and acumen as well as stimulate new innovation approaches and techniques through an interactive format. 

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