1) Global Marketing & Sales Strategy Workshop


Change your Mindset to Compete and Win

2 Days

Workshop Description:

Old approaches won’t work in new markets. The competition isn’t just more intense than ever before, they play by different rules. Evolve your sales mindset accordingly from product superiority to solution selling.

Western-based companies can no longer depend on product superiority to win in the global market. Competitive dynamics have changed, and so, too, have customer expectations – you need a new playbook. Using our 5Ps of Global Marketing Strategy Framework(™), this workshop will guide you in creating a localized and customized sales and marketing strategy to communicate a value-based message that aligns with customer needs and increases your competitiveness. 

How You Will Benefit

● Enable your sales teams to behave differently with customers

● Create localized competitive sales strategies

● Change the customer conversation

● Protect and grow your business

● Defeat price discounting challenges

● Address emerging customer needs with solution selling

● Become innovative in how you do business 

Outcome: A differentiated, localized  strategy for your new or existing market. 

Who Should Attend

● Professionals in sales, marketing, business development, strategy planning, and program management

● Country or regional managers/directors

● Ideal for SMEs or MNCs sales planning sessions and country strategy plans


"Amy’s understanding of international markets and the bigger picture are critical in our competitive battles and her efforts for the Middle East and Africa regions are praised at all levels. Additionally, her work delivering training, and her work with the Value–Selling team, are very valuable to the program." 

~ Cory Ellsworth, Senior Director, Sales Operations, Cicso Systems

"Amy was an excellent instructor balancing the sessions well with discussions and individual tasks. She kept to schedule. She is clearly very knowledgeable about this subject and very good at delivering it, too."

~ Cisco

"I think we were quite a challenging group to wrangle through the material. but Amy managed the class in a masterful way. She was accommodating where possible, cajoling when appropriate and simply taking charge when necessary."

~ Barry Serpa, IT Project Management, Delivery Services, Nationwide

2) Global Marketing Strategy Workshop - China


Global Marketing Strategy: Learn About and From China

Practical new strategies and tactics to compete and win 

2 days

4 days for University Credit

New markets, new competitors, new rules. Western companies have for decades held the Innovation Advantage and set the bar on how global business is done. Now, however, that advantage is slipping. 

New competitors from China are changing the way the game is played with a better understanding of customer needs and a powerful fusion of politics and product. Chinese companies don’t play by the same set of rules you’re used to – something Western companies are finding out the hard way. 

The Chinese market is massive, but Western-based companies can’t expect to enter it and win on product superiority alone. 

Drawing from Amy Karam’s first-hand experience competing directly with China for companies such as Cisco you will gain: 

(a) A solid (and eye-opening) understanding of how the Chinese do business

(b) New strategies and practices that Western companies can adopt to succeed within new competitive dynamics. 

(c) Practical application of the 5Ps of Global Marketing Strategy Framework(™) to create a localized sales positioning strategy for the China market using your real-world situation or a case study. 

How You Will Benefit

● Shift your product superiority mindset to a solutions approach

● Combat bottomless discounting requests from customers

● Protect and grow your Innovation Advantage

● Adapt to Chinese tactics like price pressure, politics, financing and more. 

● Create a localized competitive sales strategy

● Adopt Chinese business practices that are adapted to your own standards

● Be more competitive 

Develop your Cultural IQ and apply new strategies and tactics to be competitive the new global marketplace.

Who Should Attend

Small and Mid-sized Businesses or Multinationals that want to:

○ Expand into China

○ Partner or compete with Chinese companies

○ Export to other emerging markets


Amy’s expertise in competitive intelligence programs was a valuable asset in the creation of our strategy. She was able to quickly assemble the program structure, assess critical success factors, and establish rollout priorities. We refer back to the created framework constantly – it has been our go–to roadmap as well as a critical communication vehicle for rollout status."

~ Karen Jaworski, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Evault, A Seagate Company

"Amy had some great ways of explaining and demonstrating a concept by asking questions (why, why, why, why, why) on the case study, unveiling in particular the underlying geopolitical/historical undercurrents in a distributed workforce." 

~ Mike Vondran, Apple