New Innovation Models Workshop


Become Innovative at Innovation

1 day

Amplify your competitiveness and maximize the value of your human capital by changing how you innovate.

The race to innovate is playing out at a global scale and timelines are now shorter than ever. Fast follower competitors from China and elsewhere are learning quickly and inventing new innovation methods that can chip away at your Innovation Advantage

Based on real-world examples, you will learn how to stay ahead in the market through cross-pollination of know-how from East to West, five next-generation innovation models, creativity techniques, Stanford design thinking and more. 

How You Will Benefit

● Learn 5+ innovation models, from disruptive to constructive

● Evolve the way you innovate and be competitive

● Increase cross-pollination of ideas and innovation models 

● Improve your ability to commercialize innovation

● Gain strategies and tools to stimulate creativity within your organization 

● Practice Stanford design thinking

● Boost employee satisfaction, customer retention, loyalty, and growth

● Accelerate execution using a co-opetition strategy 

● Protect and grow your Innovation Advantage

Who Should Attend

Professionals who want to shift their mindset to generate more customer- or stakeholder-centric solutions.